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The best part of life is knowing, you put it together.

Please take note that Creatio-Ex-Materia is not taking credit for any form of artwork, music or other medium featured on this site unless otherwise stated by text as well as both source and tagging. The constellation of images etc, found on this webpage is assumed in good faith to belong to the public domain and is not used to generate any form of fiscal revenue, but merely represent various things that I find aesthetically pleasing.

All rights are reserved for eventual copyright holders. If you as a copyright holder desire a missing source added, you should leave me a message detailing a link to said post as well as the information you want added (alternatively specify if you want the item in question taken down) to it and I will make it so upon being presented with sufficient evidence of the materials origin.

This page feature some NSFW material. Also, I mainly post out of the /archive point of view as can be seen on my index. Call it eclectic flip-flopping. Don’t follow me if this is something that you don’t want on your dashboard each month. Consider yourself informed.

creatio-ex-materia is curated by Leaf Cable.

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